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In Luke 24 we see that the joy of resurrection is lost on people who do not believe.
However God still sends witnesses to tell them.

Believers experience fear and joy as we walk before the holy and powerful God.
Make room in your heart for the truth.

The state of mind of people who try to live the Christian life without faith in the power of God.

When you are praying for the people in your life, remember Paul's words in Ephesians chapter 1

What does Jesus say to people who don't believe the truth when it is told to them?

in John 11:21-27 Jesus talks to Martha about belief and identity

Sometime between when the two disciples left for Emmaus And when they returned, Jesus appeared to Peter.

Mark's Gospel tells us something critically important about faith in the witness of others to the resurrection

Easter Sunday Part 1

Have you settled it in your mind that Jesus Christ rose from the dead?
It is a historic position of the Christian Church since the crucifixion of Christ until now.

Easter Sunday Part 3

You know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.

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