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Following Jesus' example, we are called to deny ourselves: Philippians 2:5-8

How do we 'deny ourselves'?

An illustration from chapter six of Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians.

Jesus calls us to love our neighbours.

It can be costly to be seen as a 'Christian'.

Presenting ourselves as a living sacrifice…
How does Paul do it?
How does God expect us to do it?
How are you doing it?
Or are you befuddled about how that works?

There is a tension between the requirements of holiness
the sheer lack of ability in the saint, to be holy by our own efforts.

Our mission in being alongside people, in
serving them,
is to tell them about Jesus.

God doesn't leave us to 'pull ourselves up by our bootstraps'.

Psalm 51 "...Teach me...purge me...wash me...create in me..."
God does the work, when we cooperate.

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