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Satan still uses the same old method to decieve:
1. He questions God's Words
2. He lies about the consequences
3. He lures us by our own desires

We humans still have the same problems:
1. We depend on surface appearances
2. We let our appetites lead us
3. We want it our way (and now!)

When Adam ignored the Lord's good advice,
death and sin entered the world.

On that day in the beginning,
Man walks away from relationship with God

On Palm Sunday,
Man rides back towards relationship with God

At the Cross, death and sin were defeated.
At the resurrection of Jesus, the glory of God is displayed.
We believe this and walk in a new promise
The real hope of a redeemed life!

How would you measure love?

We see from Psalm 139, that God wants to love us intimately.

God's love surrounds us

True happiness is the result of being in a relationship with God.

Lent involves a spirit of penitence for some.
But in light of the sacrifice of Christ, this is unwarranted.
But fasting still has a place in modern Christian practice.

What happens to people as they draw near to God?
There is bad news and there is good news...

If we were to consider the bible like a compass:
As point of reference that demonstrated which way is north,

Then Prayer and fasting may be considered as a means of remembering…
...remembering to take the compass out of our pockets and refer to it.
...remembering to navigate according to true north.
...remembering to adjust our paths.

In fasting, as we deny our fleshly desires for food, we are reminded…

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